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Mohamed Ait El Hadj
Inventor of Clic-Light

A word from the founder

Inspired by this quote from a great man : "The battles of life are not won by the strongest, nor by the fastest, but by those who never give up", we strove to show up with a viable public utility project : improve the protection of cyclists and motorcyclists .Today, the vulnerability of cyclists, motorcyclists and urban mobility devices on the roads.

Victim of reduced visibility in dense traffic, the danger is constant. The human body serving as a bodywork, the slightest fall can be fatal. Aware of the risk and willing to help reduce accidents, we can do everything to provide innovative safety solutions that are accessible to all.

About the challenge

"Since the launch of the Clic-Light, we gather feedback from our users and we have noticed that most of them were stopped by other road users curious about the Clic-Light harnessed on their back.

Traffic light duration at an intersection last 30 seconds, which is very short for exchanging information between users. Once, while riding a motorcycle with my Clic-Light on my back, a motorcyclist called out to me at a red light. Handed him a business card that was lying around in my pocket.

This symbolic gesture of a random person at the traffic light made me imagine the Clic-Light Challenge."

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